The Future of Warfare

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Giant, ultra-long linger platforms like this, with 5k to 10k of these, ready to deploy, by dropping into any territory.

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3D Printing

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When 3D Printing begins using a nanotube carbon-fiber medium, we will see a huge change in structure.

Woven loosely, the cloth still fine, will lay and shimmer like silk, (but ring like a huge gong when stopping a .50 caliber rifle round).

Stacked tightly, the thickness of light cardboard will hold spaceship hull structure and withstand debris impact thousands of times what current shell materials withstand.

None of this even begins to tread the paths that interwoven linked-molecule computers will be able to accomplish.

Complete invisibility, through ‘active blending’ with surroundings wherever you go.

Active-armor clothing for combat situations, uniforms themselves are armor, and a complete file history of the soldier wearing it.

Vehicles capable of safely transporting hundreds of times their own weight.

Air and space travel in vehicles who’s structures weigh less than a 1/100th of their predecessors.

Components that never wear out.

Earthquake-proof buildings that if shaken off, can be lifted and set back on repaired pad.

Buildings that make drive-by shootings a futile endeavor, and place the shooter in greater risk of being hit by ricochet, than anyone inside being bothered by someone having ‘issues’ with them.

Personal submarines that cruise the ocean depths.

Skyscrapers that require cabin pressurization.

Domestic Terrorism

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[quote]…a re-establishment of a group that was created following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and abruptly put on hold on Sept. 11, 2001…[/quote]


So, for almost six yeas they had access to all the data, and still did nothing to prevent 9/11, or even acknowledge, some form of awareness, of the impending tragedy?

More than a few of the 9/11 murderers were here, so, where was the ‘task force’ then?

Spending money, by militarizing our local police forces?

Sounds like ‘good money after bad’ to me.

Sounds like more control over people, and less control over events.

Help Utah Fight Back

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“We can fight back.

Not by protest, but by the light switch in your homes.

“…requires about 64 megawatts of electricity—that’s about a $1 million a month energy bill…”

A simple smartphone app, to coordinate the timing.

At ‘Go’ everyone turns on their AC, toasters, lights, everything they have to draw power.

Then move to your circuit breaker box.

At ‘Stop’ everyone flips their main breaker.

Would take less than a minute between Go and Stop, no one’s utility bill would suffer.

The sudden draw of all those demands would create huge pull, and the power company starts to ramp up.

The 64 megawatt draw, suddenly has to strain to pull in enough power.

The harder it pulls, the bigger the target it becomes when the sudden Stop action creates a spike, sending it down the line to the biggest pipe it can find.


Fried servers.

The rest of us turn off all the excess switches, and then turn back on the main circuit breaker.”

Grambling Football, the Canery in the Coal Mine

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Disgruntled Grambling players had refused to travel to Mississippi for the game.

A LOT of schools are going to be facing the exact same problems in the next decade.

As soon as we turned Student Loans into the same kind of financial time bomb that Adjustable Rate mortgages proved to be, we sealed the fate of higher education in America.

Enrollment is going to nosedive, across the board.

Coaches will find their scholarship funds dry up, their budgets shrivel, their facilities waste away, their records suffer and their careers cut short.

Soon their contracts won’t even be honored and being fired will mean lawsuits costing everyone even more.

All because education will be the sole province of the wealthy few who don’t have to take on onerous and predatory loans, just to get an education.

The wealthy elite want it this way.

They want an uneducated populace, too dumb to know what they are being robbed of, and too worried about their next meal to demand a living wage.

They want a people unpropertied and without rights, so they can continue to reap billions in profit for themselves, while the children of their night shift workers are the ones who sweep the floors and work the day shift.

If you think it’s not possible, look at the garment factories that produce your clothes and shoes.

All those jobs that used to pay living wages here, now pay a bowl of rice a day, there.

Globalization does NOT lift the bottom to the top, it drags the top down to the bottom.

The Real Reason Republicans –

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Hate Social Security, is more that they’ve borrowed so much from the fund, they hate the idea of having to pay it back.

To pay for their wars, their saber-rattling, their juntas, their regime change experts, their extravagance-

Their power mad drunken stupor-

“… The total life-cycle cost for the entire American fleet is estimated to be US$1.51 trillion over its 50-year life…”

Fifty years?

What kind of technology lasts fifty years anymore?

A trillion and a half dollars for a weapons system that fewer than 250 Americans will ever be qualified to use against any legitimate enemy, even if it does last fifty years.

Republicans would rather spend money on this, than pay back what they already owe to Social Security.


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Fukushima Operator TEPCO Calls For Foreign Help As Crisis Worsens       8-27-13

“…said it would invite foreign decommissioning experts to advise it…”

Every so-called ‘expert’ on the planet, that’s ever spoken in favor of Nuclear Power, should be forced to go to Fukashima, and made to help clean up at the site.

This is their fault, every single one of them, make them deal with it.

Make them give up their lives in the effort to fix what they’ve broken.

Don’t let them call for volunteers from among the better angels of mankind, but do it themselves.

They won the day, speaking to further this technology at hearing and commission aplenty worldwide, let them now back up their words.

Let their lives be the one’s that burn away and fill graveyards, like those who gave all at Chernobyl.

Let them be judged by the monster they’ve unleashed.

Let the very last one of them perish in the effort, before another good heart is lost.

And let their murderous & filthy toys be buried with them.

Cavemen used sticks and rocks to make fire.

It’s time to use smarter tools.