A More Appropriate Name


I cannot thinks of a better name for Yahoo, than Yahoo.

After some ten years of having a Yahoo email address, after the shame of seeing them cave in to totalitarianistic Chinese demands to spy on their own customers, now I stand ready to abandon Yahoo forever.

The ability to take my Yahoo address from one Internet Provider to the next allowed me to stay in contact with all of my friends over the last 15 years, with an ease that I’d never been able to find anywhere else.

I am terrible at writing letters.

My handwriting looks  like a Rorschach Test, my spelling is worse.

I have a hard time with Greeting Cards.

Yahoo has made all of that irrelevant.

I have instant access to people I haven’t seen face to face for the better part of  half a century.

I’ve used Yahoo so long and for more than just Email, I’ve used it for Maps, Theater Listings, Search Engine, and just about every other form of information it offers, including News.

Even before other websites would allow you to register a Yahoo email account as valid I switched to Yahoo, because I could see it’s value.

But, if you scroll down past any news article on Yahoo, you’ll see where Hell starts.


This is where the name Yahoo really takes shape.

The aggregate intellect of  people who post comments on Yahoo wouldn’t fill the eye of a needle.

The scariest part of that is, they Vote, or claim to.

Right and Left, they throw verbal bombs at one another that couldn’t carry water for a  Hemingway or a Mailer, but  they hang their uncovered hind quarters for the world to see.

People who claim to be patriotic, yet pontificate for a police state.

People who claim undying love for this country, then vote you thumbs down if you quote sections of the Constitution itself.

They scream bloody murder at one another simply for disagreeing.

A serious look at the state of our educational system is in order, but for now, as much as I hate to think of the consequence, I have to find a way to disconnect from the Yahoos of this place.

I am deathly afraid it’s contagious.

The older I get, the harder it is to listen to cacophony, the discord.

The vocal disrespect people have for one another.

It’s creeping into places it does not belong, and must not be allowed to exist.

When Joe Wilson shouted out ‘You lie!’ at President Obama, regardless whether or not he thought so, the level of this nation’s ‘Yahoo Quotient’ came to a place where emotion does not belong.

Where even tempered thought and studious deliberation is required, not rash vulgarism or jingoistic talking headery.

Our Government is taking on the level of discourse that exists on Yahoo Comments, and  that is a horrific sign.

A bellwether of tomorrow, that our end as a nation of laws, and the return to tribalism and fracture, is almost here.

Too many have too much voice.

Where once the lunatics could yell for a while from street corners until they tired and left, or were chased away by the jeers and laughter they deserved.

Today they are cheered and cajoled by national media ne’er do wells, who’s own agenda and idealization is self worship.

The Yahoos sit behind keyboards, their finger blaze and flailing away on the one key they know too well.


When did we start hating ourselves as Americans?

Because it is a self-loathing.

We hate each other and ourselves enough to strike for the jugular of anyone that does not strictly agree with any narrow confine which we seem to create for our beloved, esteemed, revered, unassailable beliefs .

These truths that we’ve created.

How prophetic, was the name ‘Yahoo’…


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