Momentum, Money and the FCC, (it’s how to make sausage…)

By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer Alan Fram, Associated Press Writer Sat May 15, 5:36 am ET

WASHINGTON – Americans want Democrats to control Congress after this fall’s elections, a shift from April, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released Saturday. But the margin is thin and there’s a flashing yellow light for incumbents of both parties: Only about a third want their own lawmakers re-elected.

So, today the Dems have the momentum?

Momentum doesn’t mean anything in a ‘What are you doing for me Right Now?’ society…

The Instant Gratification Generation that we’ve become detests the ponderously slow movement and posing in Government, where only ‘today’s soundbite’ counts.

The only residual feeling people have anymore is hatred.

For other parties, for differing views, for the greed they see in politics, for liars who sell their votes to the highest bidder, for the whole stinking mess.

This election is going to see more independents elected than ever before.

The one’s who forgo Big Corporate money in favor of grassroots movements and firm stands on issues people care about.

Other than California, where L.A. markets drive prices up, state elections are local elections, and don’t need the huge sums of money that national level politics demands.

This election cycle is going to be a debacle of wholesale incumbent slaughter.

If the next Congress doesn’t do something about Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform, it will happen again next election cycle.

What drives the need for huge sums of money though?

TV Ads.

Why you ask?

Commercial Air Time is charged to those running for office.

But, but wait…

Who owns the Airwaves again?

The People of the United States of America own the Airwaves.

We only lease them to broadcasters.

FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS do not own the airwaves.

The FCC regularly re-leases the airwaves to these Corporations, and takes input from interested parties about how the networks are doing their jobs.

This used to be advertised so that folks could find out when and where to send their thoughts and ideas about what kind of job the networks were doing.

What happened to that Public Notification of License Renewal?

When do we get to have our say next?

Is the FCC under the thumb of Big Money too?

Couldn’t the FCC also require that the Political Debates be broadcast, as a requirement of license?

That each candidate be given the equal airtime in the debates to allow people to make informed choice?

Where does it say that ‘reality TV’ is more important than who runs the nation?

Where does it say that we give up the right to information, in favor of some of the mental drool being broadcast these days?

Where does it say that?

If the debates were mandated for broadcast, and any politician who wished to run had to participate in the televised debate, (or be removed from the ballot) we might get a better class of people in Washington.

That would also end the need for huge sums of money in an individual’s campaign war chest.

Airtime isn’t a god given ‘Right’ of only the corporations or broadcasters.

It is a public trust, allowed to those who’s responsibility to the People of the United States of America is greater than American Idol…


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