I Miss the Rain

This dust, this dry, dead land

so parched, so unforgiving

Left us crying, unable to form a tear

Years gone by, and the yellow sky

has told us of our folly

Gold and silver pour through fingers grasp

Our lives were languid, supreme

Now all we wish is to see a cloud

and know it brings the rain

When the last breath leaves

and the night is come, can there be a cry

a tear for what was lost

When green and blue left us, gone

all we had was the cracked lip dry

of greed and want for rain so soft

on faces lifted try

We burned and blood forgotten

a world we should  have cherished

Idolatry craven with jealous smile

who kill for god’s own pleasure

We walked this earth as kings of all

so long we did not see the fall

We spent our lives in splendor’s grasp

Then came the call from distant past

of pipe and drum a’roll

Our time is come the end is here

Let us not look past our blame

The fault is ours alone

When that last bird falls and the sky is black

it is we who will bear the shame

The stars shine out for none and none

Who will it leave to marvel

The universe, it will not mourn

the passing of the dawn

Or if it is, as some had said

that we are liken unto light

who then will bear the same

when to try anew for those who can

or should see what is so plain


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