Welcome, to the death of the ocean…

By TED ANTHONY and MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writers Ted Anthony And Mary Foster, Associated Press Writers Sun May 30, 8:28 pm ET

BOOTHVILLE, La. – There is still a hole in the Earth, crude oil is still spewing from it and there is still, excruciatingly, no end in sight. After trying and trying again, one of the world’s largest corporations, backed and pushed by the world’s most powerful government, can’t stop the runaway gusher.

As desperation grows and ecological misery spreads, the operative word on the ground now is, incredibly, August — the earliest moment that a real resolution could be at hand. And even then, there’s no guarantee of success. For the United States and the people of its beleaguered Gulf Coast, a dispiriting summer of oil and anger lies dead ahead.

Oh … and the Atlantic hurricane season begins Tuesday.

Would that I had not lived to see these times.

Not that I care about mankind, but we will take too many other forms of life with us when we go.

The shortages of food the lifeless oceans will create can only lead to riots and wars over who eats and who does not.

We are witnessing the end.

BP will be bankrupted trying to fix this and pay for the damages it causes.

The already bankrupt U.S. government will be as ineffective as every Presidential Commission has ever been so before.

This wound will never be healed.

After a year of spewing this filth into the Gulf, all life there will die.

Florida, who  is now trying to promote tourism by claiming ‘There’s no Oil here!’ will not long be able to make that boast.

Soon all the beaches from Brazil to Venezuela, Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, the Caribbean, the Keys, will all be fouled with the black ooze.

The currents will take the slicks into the Atlantic and everything alive there will die.

In two years it will round the Cape of Good Hope.

They will have to close the Panama Canal in what they hope will be a temporary means of stopping slick covered vessels from fouling the waters leading to the Pacific, but the loss of revenue for Panama will drive them to open it again, against everyone else’s angry objections.

The giant container vessels will ply the waterway, dragging death in their wakes.

It will all be to little avail, when the slicks reach the Great Barrier Reef, and kills all life in the waters around Australia, war will start, and we will end.

Will will not only kill ourselves, we will have killed our Mother, and all her other children.

We will get what we deserve, but the other creatures will suffer and die too, and that will be our greatest shame.

Not that we killed ourselves, but that we killed everything.

Look up at the night’s sky.

Point to the star where you know life also exists.

You cannot.

No one can.

That makes life, all the life we know of, the rarest and most precious gift in all the universe.

Here we are, racing as fast as we possibly can to kill it.

Every bit of it.

People, this is our only home.

We have no place else to go, and when our refuse and wanton excess chokes all life out of this planet, we die with it.

I guess as long as there’s a profit to be made, who cares eh?


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