Japan, the truth is known by everyone.

Sea Sheperd Society

Japanese Fishing expert Masayuki Komatsu admits Japan made a mistake on Bluefin tuna.

The Bluefin tuna should have been listed as endangered by CITES according to Komatsu.

In an interview with Asahi News, Komatsu stated:

“I wish to stress once again the importance of advancing discussions and making decisions based on scientific data. In that sense, the decision concerning the Bluefin tuna was regrettable. When the conference of the parties to the Washington Treaty (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) met in March, it rejected a proposal to ban international trade of the Atlantic Bluefin tuna with the objections of Japan and other countries.

But I believe Japan should have cooperated with the European Union and the United States to strengthen the regulation. Generally speaking, whale resources are abundant although there are differences among species. While the minke whale has a green light above it, the fin whale has a yellow light, for example. But a red light is flashing over the Bluefin tuna, whose populations have dwindled as a result of overfishing.

Banning the Bluefin tuna trade may appear disadvantageous to Japan in the short term, but if we develop policy based on scientific grounds, we can win trust of the international community in the end. The principle of sustainable use also applies to abundant whales.”

Komatsu wants to increase the whaling quota because he believes that minke whale can replace Bluefin tuna at sushi restaurants.

He said that the quality of whale meat is poor because it is the by-product of “scientific research whaling”.  In the interview he said:

“The meat does not sell because it is expensive and of poor quality. When you look at whale meat sold in the market, you notice a red, blood-like juice oozing from it. The juice that makes the meat tasty drained because cell membranes were broken when the meat was frozen. This is because the temperature can only be lowered to 30 degrees below zero on whaling ships. Since tuna is quick-frozen to minus 70 degrees, cell membranes remain intact. In whaling, too, new ships should be built so that the meat can be quick-frozen for better quality. I am sure it would drastically change the awareness of consumers. Whale meat could be used as a sushi ingredient in place of tuna.”

And here, all this time, Japan has insisted that the only whaling they do is purely for scientific research…

Yet now, their own expert admits that the whale meat these ‘so called’ researchers are taking, is ending up in grocery markets for sale as consumable goods.

Are we to feel sorry for the people who buy and consume this product, because it’s not as tasty as they would like?

Or, are we to condemn them in the strongest terms for the years of lying, the ignoring of international law, the unlawful imprisonment of innocent sailors acting in accordance with law and treaty, attempted murder, destruction of property, piracy, and the continued slaughter of a species known to be intelligent and gentle creatures?

Just so they can stuff their faces?

This is not only a crime against humanity, it is a crime against the whole Earth.

Boycott Japan.


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