Need a Job?

BP should be hiring, shouldn’t they?

Anyone and everyone willing to go to the Gulf and help clean up the mess they are making should be an Auto-Hire, shouldn’t they?

I mean, at this point, it should be all hands on deck, shouldn’t it?

We’re facing the worst ecological disaster we’ve ever seen, so, shouldn’t there be an open call put out, that BP is hiring?

Hiring any able bodied person willing to help mop up the crap they are spewing at the rate of thousands of gallons per hour?

How specialized does the training have to be to use a mop or a sponge?

Or, is it a case where the economics are just too expensive for BP to consider doing what needs to be done?

If that’s the case, then who allowed them to drill in the first place?

An open call needs to go out immediately, and the government needs to send the bill straight to BP.

Seize all their assets worldwide, and lock them down until this is fixed and cleaned up.

If anything is left over for them to operate with after, then fine.

If not, ‘Oh Well.’


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