1,000 Rounds

By Brett Arends, WSJ.com and MarketWatch
BOSTON (MarketWatch) — The news on jobs isn’t as bad as it seemed on Friday.
It’s worse.
President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner were trying to put on a happy face, but the markets weren’t buying. They have tumbled worldwide since the latest payroll data.
But instead of overreacting, the markets may only just be waking up to the real bad news.

1. Look out ahead.

We already know that when you strip out the short-term Census jobs, May’s jobs growth was a pitiful 41,000. But what people haven’t realized is that the leading indicators for June are even worse. TrimTabs Investment Research Inc. tracks the real-time jobs picture by monitoring income tax deposits at the Treasury. And these have suddenly started falling. Based on the latest data, the firm predicts the economy will actually lose up to 200,000 jobs, net, in June. “The big news is that we have a job loss of about 200,000 coming in June,” says Trim Tabs’ Madeline Schnapp, “and the market isn’t ready for it”.
It’s not just the stock market. You can bet that the administration — and the country — isn’t ready either. Remember, we need to create about 100,000 just to keep up with population growth.

2. One and a half million people have ‘disappeared’?

The government says the unemployment rate “edged down” to 9.7% — keeping it below the politically sensitive 10% level.
But that’s only because about one and a half million people have just, miraculously “disappeared” from the official labor force.
A million and a half people disappearing? It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory. But there it is, buried in the fine print of the government’s own data.
From May 2009 to May 2010, the U.S. “civilian non-institutional population” of prime working age — 20 to 64 — expanded by one and a half million, 180.5 million to 182 million.
Yet over the same period the official tally of the labor force over age 20 held steady at just 148 million.
What happened to those extra people?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have a full explanation. “We don’t have direct questions (in the survey) addressing that fact,” said a spokeswoman. But many of the disappeared are “unemployed who have decided not to look for work any more,” or who haven’t looked for work recently. Anyone who hasn’t actively sought a job in the last four weeks vanishes from the rolls.
If you check, I think you’ll find it was Reagan who started ‘auto-dropping’ people from the Unemployment Roles.
Stock up on ammo and weapons.
A shotgun for each member of the family who can shoot.
A pistol for each.
At least one rifle w/ (minimum) 15x scope per family.
One thousand rounds of ammunition per weapon.
For those weapons that are fed by magazine, have at least 5 spare magazines at the ready.
Weapons training and familiarization for all, not just assigned weaps.
50 to 100 rounds target practice per month until a high proficiency is achieved.
Reloading equipment if you can afford it too.
Powder and lead.
Never throw your Brass away.

Stock up on dry goods.
Flour, beans, salt, corn meal, baking powder, baking soda, that kind of stuff.
Get seeds too.
Melon, squash, tomato, and such.
Things that anyone can grow.

This sounds far fetched, but the future is going to get very ugly.
Anyone who has traveled in third world countries knows how bad it can get.
Places that make Tijuana look like Palm Springs.
It’s going to be here, very soon.
Food riots are coming.
We have about a year, maybe two before it gets bad.

This isn’t the worst of it.
After we tear each others throats out and we’re beat to hell, China is going to step in and try and take the western US for what we owe it.
China has a 500 million man standing army.
That’s 150 million more people than in all of the U.S.
Not Reserves, not National Guard ‘weekend warriors’.
That’s their active duty standing army.

Blaming one political party or the other only plays into the hand that’s coming.
Dividing citizens as red or blue, when we should all be red, white and blue.
If we don’t get behind someone to lead us in the right direction, the only way left is down.

I’m all for firing everyone in Washington D.C., but the consequences of this are going to be very bleak.
It’s going to shift power dramatically, from the Elected Representatives to the Staff, and Lobbyists who work behind the scenes.
The people who actually write the legislation that everyone complains about.
Sending a crop of new folks to Washington is going to put them, and us, at the mercy of those who really wield power.
The maggots and vermin who got us to where we are today.
The absurd facade of Republican or Democrat is a threadbare cloth hiding who really has the power and influence.
You think your senator or congressman has ever written a piece of legislation themselves?
They farm it out to staff, who consults with industry experts, and out of the sausage grinder come the laws you and I have to live by.
Nothing that’s been done in D.C. in the last 25 years has been done by someone that didn’t have a hidden agenda, behind a politician.
Elect whomever you want.
The real movers and shakers, the power brokers, the money launderers, won’t be leaving no matter who gets elected from any party.
It’s going to get very ugly.
1,000 Rounds.

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