Double-Edged Sword

By ANNE GEARAN and JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writers Anne Gearan And Jennifer Loven, Associated Press Writers 1 min ago

WASHINGTON – A furious President Barack Obama weighed whether to fire his Afghan war commander at a perilous time in the conflict as he summoned Gen. Stanley McChrystal to Washington to explain disparaging comments about his political masters.

McChrystal’s complaints about his commander in chief and Obama’s aides put his job in jeopardy. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday “the magnitude and greatness of the mistake here are profound” and repeatedly declined to say McChrystal’s job was safe. “All options are on the table,” he said. …

There are more than two sides to this.

When you put on the uniform of any branch of service in the United States Military, you take an oath to defend the Constitution.

Not our political leaders, the Constitution itself.

But our elected leaders are an extension of the Constitution, being the embodiments of the processes it creates.

The U.S. Military is not an autonomous entity, it is under the control of the People, through the elected leaders.

The Congress has the power to declare war, and the President acts as Commander In Chief.

That’s where the responsibility ultimately lies.

History only remembers soldiers of extreme circumstance, a Patton, or a Calley.

But the Commander in Chief bears the brunt of everything that happens during a conflict.

Who can name more than one or two guards at any of the Nazi Concentration Camps?

Now, who can name the Commander responsible for them?

Whole World, put your hands down.

Right now, President Obama is responsible for what happens in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which he inherited.

We have the Right to our opinions.

We have the Right to our beliefs.

We have the right to express both, openly, and without fear of reprisal.

But, when someone of greater experience and knowledge speaks on the subject of their expertise, should we not take heed?

I have no doubt that General McCrystal will be fired.

I hope he’s given the choice to resign his commission with honor rather than be fired.

The President, and the Nation, owes him that much at least.

But the President would do well to chart a course otherwise.

Listen to what the man says, because he knows what he’s talking about.

Any Leader that stops listening to his Generals about War is on the path to defeat.

Does history show us any difference, anywhere, at any time?

We should pass a law, that in conflict, politicians must defer to the expertise of those with their boots on the ground.

Stop playing political footsies with their ‘legacy’ at the horrific expense of the blood of our children.

We should also pass a law that at any time when Congress declares war, every single one of their children of legal draft age is automatically inducted into military service for front line duty.

General McCrystal has earned the right to be listened to on these matters.

If the President doesn’t, he’s a fool.

History will prove it.


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