About two weeks ago…

In a year we’ll be waning in our anger to BP as the Spill will have taken a back seat to whatever the new problem is, even though it’s still spewing oil into the gulf.

In two years people will just shrug their shoulders at the fact that it’s still leaking as bad as ever.

In three years there will be no more life in the ocean.

But the rain, which once gave life to the planet, will start falling black and deadly when it does fall at all.

Water, heavier than oil, will no longer cycle through the atmosphere like it once did.

The storms that used to start at sea and move onshore will change dramatically in size and frequency, and what does fall will no longer nourish life, but kill it.

That was an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend on the 15th 0f June 2010

and today we see this-



3 Responses to “About two weeks ago…”

  1. ksteeldd Says:

    when wells are installed, like the one that is leaking now, where there regulations in play stating the only way you can proceed is if you can fix it if it breaks? why wasn’t something installed like a secondary pipe with a valve to shut it down? a valve installed every so many feet so that no matter where it breaks, it can be stopped or sent to the emergeny pipes?

  2. ksteeldd Says:

    doesn’t BP realize without the ocean, there is no life?

  3. The Deep Water Horizon platform was drilling in water well over a mile deep.

    Far, far deeper than humans can venture in any of the suits we have today.

    Only specialized submersibles can venture that deep, and they are ultra specialized pieces of equipment, for scientific research and recording.

    Not Oil Field Maintenance and Emergency Repair.

    We can get hi rez images of the leak, but it’s about all we can do right now.

    Watch hopelessly.

    Under Bush one of the last acts his administration performed was an Exemption, a blanket ‘okay’ for BP and the Deep Water Horizon to operate without oversight, without the need to file any emergency plans and no inspections…

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