Thank Goodness

Philly got it’s butt whipped yesterday.

I’m sick and tired of the adulation being heaped upon Michael Vick.

The man is a convicted felon.

He is proven to have willfully and violently murdered domestic animals for pleasure and profit.

He belongs in a small cell, preferably filled with the pit bills he so cruelly exploited to their deaths for his amusement and enrichment.

People who do this are known for going around neighborhoods and animal shelters, gathering up strays and any other dogs or cats they can get their hands on to ‘feed’ their fighting dog’s viciousness.

Your poodle or kitten could very well end up as a ‘blocking dummy’, violently ripped to pieces, while these shitbags laugh and bet on how long it takes for them to die, or how much they will scream for their lives.

These are animals that joined us at the fire thousands of years ago, and have provided loving and life saving services aside from the works some perform.

Using them as meat for entertainment purposes is as vile as would be using disabled children for the same purpose.

The animals they killed for fun would have gladly given their lives to protect the ones they love and serve, but to exploit such instincts as a tool for this barbarism, is beyond the pale.

People like this should never, ever, see the light of day, unless we as a society are determined to regress to a ‘Might Makes Right’ form of Democracy.

Michael Vick is not a role model, he is not a hero.

But he’s on TV, silently teaching your children that it’s ‘Okay’ to be brutal, to kill helpless and defenseless animals, and to profit from it.

At least Philly is out of the picture for this year, and we won’t have to listen to the cloying, obsequious drivel as sportscasters fawn over this piece of human excrement for a while.

Just because he can run and throw a pass we forgive his barbarisms.

Thank goodness Hitler wasn’t a Heisman winner.


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