Renewable Power Providers, a Colorado corporation

Who are they?

They are ALL the people of the state, who have come to the conclusion on their own to become part of Colorado’s Distributed Network of renewable power generators.

They have provided means and properties to that end.

They have enlisted the aid of professionals, met stringent guideline, code and law.

They now provide, not just a minutely measurable amount, but fully 2% of all power to Colorado’s grid, in a net gain of public benefit.

That to produce this ‘In-Total’ power, has bypassed all of what it would have cost a single entity through man-hours and monies, in concept, research, design, planing, attorneys, EIR, EPA, PUC,  (and possibly NRC hearings), public input mitigation, fees, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of one (or more) power generation stations equal to that 2% of the state’s total output.

The decade or more it would have taken to get it done, the additional cost overruns for time delays, and most importantly, the true long-term financial, environmental & health costs to neighbors of traditional power generation facilities.

That the rebates and incentives paid out by XCEL for these Distributed Network projects are only a tiny fraction of these enumerated but in-comprehensive costs of traditional power production options.

These rebate funds have, and will continually be significantly offset by public assessment of fees from the general population, initiated, voted on and approved by the people of Colorado themselves, through Prop 37.

Those funds are not the property of XCEL, yet will sit in their vaults accruing over time into vast pools of wealth under this rule, as market saturation occurs, yet all in the state continue to pay.

That distributed installations are of further benefit XCEL who must meet production percentages by renewable source requirements, by law.

That this public service entitles Colorado Renewable Power Providers as a single entity to be recognized for the total output they jointly produce, as a Public Utility, with all responsibility and right entailed.

That Colorado Renewable Power Providers Corp. RPPC, have the responsibility to maintain said properties and power productions, pursuant of means to that end, have the right to petition the Public Utilities Commission for rate structure commensurate and favorable to said responsibilities as a power generating Public Utility.

That the power produced meets and exceeds all EPA Emission Standards for production and thus qualifies for Federal Renewable Energy Credits.

Entitlement to said Renewable Credits belongs solely to Colorado Renewable Power Providers.

The day will come when Distributed Network Renewable Energy produces not 2%, but 70% of the state’s power.

That day needs, much sooner than many in positions of monopolized profit would prefer, to hasten it’s coming.


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