Court to Rule on Violent Video Game Sales to Minors

APBy JESSE J. HOLLAND – Associated Press | AP – 1 hr 18 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Is it unconstitutional to ban the sale or rental of ultraviolent video games to children?

The Supreme Court plans to answer that question Monday with a ruling that could profoundly affect a multibillion-dollar industry.

California wants to prohibit the sale or rental of violent games to anyone under 18. But federal judges have declared that the law violates First Amendment free speech rights.

Justices seemed closely split in November, with some arguing that parents need help protecting children from violent games like “Grand Theft Auto IV.” But other justices seemed reluctant to carve out a new exception to the First Amendment to cover violence in games.

More than 46 million American households have at least one video-game system, with the industry bringing in at least $18 billion in 2010.

If, as a parent, you have ‘no control’ over what your child does and does not play with, you shouldn’t have had kids to begin with.

Your kids are YOUR responsibility, no one else’s.

Want the ‘village’ to get involved?

Call Child Protective Services, call the juvenile authorities, call the police,

but don’t think you can rightfully destroy the rights of all, just because you’re not doing your job.


One Response to “Court to Rule on Violent Video Game Sales to Minors”

  1. Video games are no more dangerous for kids than rogue cop shows are for the police.

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