Stuff Too Stiff For HuffPo Censors

I was asked in thread why my outlook for the market was so bleak, in the face of ‘Buy Low’ optimism, now that the employment report has shown some (anemic at best) growth.

HuffPo Censors have yet to let may answer run-


What do you expect to see, as what was recently the worlds most powerful government and economy implodes?

We ‘were’ a flash in the pan.

After some 236 years we’ve reached the apogee, the confluence of wealth, decadence, apathy and systemic greed, that unstoppabl­y destroys all great human civilizati­ons.

Think hard, and grasp the full weight of this-

China has been a entity, a presence as a conscious national entity in the minds of it’s citizens, for ten thousand years.

Anyone shallow enough to think that this presence, this ancient dragon, would allow freedom, and the United States to ‘happen’ and continue, is an idiot.

We’ve allowed them to flood our markets with poison and garbage made by slaves that steal our companies and jobs.

No American company can compete with the wage of a bowl of rice a day.

Now, through corporate ‘personhoo­d’ donation, we’ve allowed them to shower money into our elections without restraint.

All that money, each and every dollar bill that left our shores headed to China, has returned as it’s own Manchurian Candidate.

And their are billions of them.

We let foreigners and their paid-for politician­s here, scream lies, and the hate of our fellow countrymen into *our* airwaves 24/7/365, under the guise of ‘free speech’.

In a world of ‘What are you doing for me, right now?’ instantane­ous everything­, how much longer do you think it’s going to take?

Colt, Winchester­, Remington, Browning.

These are the ‘long term’ investment­s to make now.


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