Associated Liars

8/21/11 2:38 PM

APAP – 5 hrs ago.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A look at Social Security’s disability program:

About 13.6 million people receive federal disability benefits.

—7.6 million receive Social Security disability.

—4.4 million receive Supplemental Security Income.

—1.6 million receive both.


Social Security disability:

—Reserved for people with a substantial work history.

—Average monthly payment: $927

—Financing: A portion of Social Security payroll taxes (the rest goes to the retirement fund).

—Payroll taxes collected for disability program in 2010: $93 billion.

—Total benefits paid in 2010: $124 billion.

—Assets in Social Security disability trust fund at end of 2010: $180 billion.

—Year when trust fund projected to be exhausted: 2017.


Supplemental Security Income:

—Reserved for the very poor.

—Average monthly payment: $500.

—Maximum monthly payment: $674 for individuals, $1,011 for couples.

—Many states provide additional payments.

—Financing: General revenue funds.

—Total benefits paid in 2010: $48 billion.


Sources: Social Security Administration; Congressional Budget Office.

They also don’t tell us the AGE of most of these folks.Do you really want to kick everybody’s great-grandma out into the streets with what few deadbeats you might find?We’re a nation of 300 million.Don’t any of you have grandparents?

Wake up.

The fact that this ‘article of facts’ refer to Social Security as a TAX, means it’s PART OF THE LIE.

You have a Checking Account.
You have a Savings Account.
You know the difference between them.
The government and it’s machinery are pretending you don’t.
Associated Press is no longer to be taken seriously.

“—Financing: A portion of Social Security payroll taxes (the rest goes to the retirement fund).”

This is so criminal it is not funny.

Not a dime of FICA is collected for General Fund obligations, and that’s why not a dime of FICA is deductible from your real tax obligation.

FICA is our savings and our health care, not their money to spend.

Calling it a tax is part of the lie that lets them steal it out the back door.

These barbarous, thieving cretins now even refuse to accept or acknowledge the obligation of PAYING BACK what they’ve already stolen from us through this account.

At least Reagan and O’Neil had been men enough to do that.

This scum we have become saddled with today are wholly unfit for service to the nation.

This is exactly why the Fourth Estate died.

Gobbled up by the special interest of money and money alone.

Made slave to the whim of anyone with license to broadcast, and brainwash.

Not many will pay weekly to be lied to by lackeys, when we have to take it for two and four years at a time from their masters, one after another.

There will be no book burnings this time.

They will simply turn them off.


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