A hint of maybe…

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke leaned on Congress on Friday to do more to promote hiring and growth, or risk delaying the economy’s return to full health.

Bernanke proposed no new steps by the Fed to boost the economy. But at a time when Congress has been focused on shrinking long-run budget deficits, he warned lawmakers not to “disregard the fragility of the current economic recovery.”…

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“The Fed has no place to go.

They are printing money as fast as the presses will run, and have been since Reagan.

They charge almost no interest now, the only move left to them is to pay people to take it away.

The economy is acting like a sieve right now because there is almost nothing made here anymore.

The problem is not government spending, the problem is too large a portion of that money left our shores in the offing, and after retail purchase.

There is no cash or credit left in circulatio­n, and if the government does not create another carefully planned infusion, depression will ensue.

Unless we invest wisely in necessary transporta­tion infrastruc­ture and renewable energy sources to ween us off coal and foreign oil with the next round of stimulus, which must happen, it’s over.

There is a single source answer for many of the problems we face.

With very little investment and encouragem­ent in solar right now, the over one hundred million buildings already hooked to the grid in the US, would create between four and seven million American Middle-cla­ss, living wage jobs, manufactur­ing, transporti­ng, installing­, operating and repairing the distribute­d network.

Jobs that cannot be outsourced­, because the buildings and the work are here.

Jobs creating energy that will also allow us to tell OPEC to take a hike.

The jobs that they promised us when they shipped all ours overseas, to non-taxpay­ers.”

If the President’s speech on jobs does not include a major renewable energy infrastructure push, it will lay flat.
We have iPhones, for crying out loud,
why are we still using sticks and rocks to make fire?

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