Who said what?

Do us a favor.

I know the media feeds on the hubbub in the milieu, but how much of this ‘campaigning’ can we afford to put up with?

Buses loaded with anyone chatty, followed by gaggles of reporters, crisscrossing the nation, depositing their ‘wise words’ of hate for current officials, and pie in the sky for their version of America, is driving the rest of the country insane.

The folks in the media are pushing hard for wall to wall 24/7/365 campaigning, with no end, since it ‘sells papers’.

But people who are subject to the whim and whine of these electards, are sick of it.

The tone becomes ever more shrill just to attract attention, and our ears and sensibilities are pelted with castigations of everything under the sun.

Please, from here on out, anyone who starts a parade before January 1st of the election year, is just ‘tooting his (or her) own horn’.

Anyone who starts before say, March of the election year, is ‘making noise’, and so on.

The summer season before an election is more than enough time to say what you need to.

Referring to anyone who is out there jumping around a year and a half before an election ‘a candidate’ is both premature, and disingenuous.

Allowing them the prominence of national media exposure under the guise of ‘campaigning’ only encourages them.

Media loves it, these amoral political gadfly’s love it, but the nation despises it.

You call yourself ‘writers’, call it anything you wish.

The earlier it starts, the more derisive a term you should find for it, because that’s what it is.

Just don’t call it ‘campaigning’ or them ‘candidates’.

It is simply not that dignified.

Clowndidate is far more accurate.


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