a smoking fun, or, too hot for HuffPo, again…

a story that rocked the science world in 2009: the email hacking that exposed hundreds of exchanges between global warming scientists known as Climategate.

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But, earlier, there was this-

The FBI wondering if he’d done the same thing in America, too?

NEW YORK — The FBI has begun a preliminary inquiry based on concerns in Congress over a report that media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. sought to hack into the phones of Sept. 11 victims, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

The decision to step in was made after U.S. Rep. Peter King and several other members of Congress wrote to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding an investigation, said the official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the official wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

The official stressed that the review was in its infancy but declined to discuss the scope of it or say what steps had been taken. The FBI routinely makes preliminary inquiries into issues raised by lawmakers and others to determine whether a full-blown investigation is needed.

News Corp., based in New York, has been in crisis mode because of a scandal that sank its U.K. newspaper the News of the World.

A rival newspaper reported last week that the News of the World had hacked into the phone of U.K. teenage murder victim Milly Dowler in 2002 and may have impeded a police investigation…

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And here, Murdoch denies any U.S. ‘wrongdoing’, while the FBI casts about for some form of ‘proof’-

WASHINGTON — The FBI is just cranking up a preliminary review of whether alleged phone hacking and bribery by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire violated U.S. laws, but any resolution may well have to await the outcome of British investigations.

The FBI’s early fact-gathering could turn into a long saga that tests or reinforces the long-standing cooperation between U.S. and British law enforcement. Most of the records and witnesses to prove or disprove the allegations are in the hands of British investigators. …

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Other than the proof they’ve had, in their hands, since, what, 2009?

Does it really take the FBI almost three years to look from their right hand, to their left?

Or, is this a ‘money gig’, again?


Huffington Post so far, refuses to allow me to post this question, who hack these emails?

The government is usually hot on the trial of hackers, isn’t it?

When it’s stuff they don’t like, folks get in big trouble for hacking.

What about here?

Who hacked and maybe, who directed the hack?


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