SOPA Delayed
Oh, joy.
We succeeded in raising enough stink,
to embarrass the backers of the bill,
who will now wait until the dead of night,
when angst over some other crisis,
has what little attention is left to the few,
who’s heart will not let them give up,
and shove it down our throats anyway.
We need to remove all of these people,
from any shred of power or authority, permanently.

Liberty will not survive their brand of freedom.

If corporatio­ns are people, I say let them die now.
And let their ‘money only’ government die with them.
No man is more important that Liberty.
Let those who would slay her to save him, perish in their cowardice.
Open your eyes and look around you.
Is there a man among you that has not seen his school and library close,
while prisons spring up like weeds.
This is not our government­.
Ours has been poisoned.
Fire them all.
Find an unemployed teacher or engineer to support.
Someone who’s never been in politics before.
Someone who isn’t a lawyer.

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