You’re Welcome

People are turning off their TV’s.

Folks are gettin’ pretty fed up with being lied to, on 350 different channels.

You are getting the point though.

This is entirely an FCC issue.

Their failure to protect freedom of speech has resulted in the merger of the military industrial complex and the national media.

Turning it into a 24/7/365 assault of brainwashing, and hiding the truth from the American people.

Outright lies to protect their profit, and feed the grist mill of the war machine.

The War on Terror, Drugs, Crime, Poverty, or any other negative genre?

The flag waves, except when it interferes with profit.

Had you not noticed?

Then corporations are from ‘over there’, not subject to our tax codes.

The Federal Communications Commission, has failed miserably.

Acting like the Federal ‘Free Airwaves Television Broadcast Only’ conduit of rational/regulation deconstruct, it’s allowed the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate, and the General Electric megalith to inculcate their brand of truth.

Lies and the spreading of fear for three generations, to the children of America.

Television has become babysitter and first teacher to almost all of this nation’s youth, for how many decades now?

And look what the FCC has allowed, even encouraged it to become.

A set of blinders for them, to all other forms of broadcast, and a red hot poker, burning out the eyes, and minds, of a nation.

License to broadcast costs what, compared to the power and profit they reap?

And, who actually owns the airwaves?

This is ‘all’ an FCC issue, for which those responsible and still living, need to be held accountable for their crimes.

By the very government that they created, through the decades of lies for profit, lies for war, and telling us who we can vote for, to tell us those lies?

Almost as difficult believing it, as saying it?

We have come to the juncture where the perversion of government is complete.

To it’s utter inability to function, even in the face of catastrophic consequence for multitudes of people.

The shouting match is now world wide, and war is profit.

Thank you, FCC.


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