a modest proposal

A Modest Proposal-

In that the rich history of our nation’s capitol is such that it’s enshrinement as world and national landmark unquestioned, and that continued use of such would be to cause damage or harm to said, it is hereby put forth, that a new governmental structure shall be erected.

One more suitable to the purpose, and fitting to needs of the people.

A ‘prison like’ structure, in which no outside influence is allowed.

Armed guards, cameras and microphones monitor all areas and activities.

All outside contact is done strictly through publicly broadcast programing.

All elected officials will enter, live, work, and not leave for their entire terms.

All under 24/7 surveillance.

No one to speak face to face with, except their fellow legislators.

That their ‘terms of office’ shall thrice continue, if found guilty of violation of the public trust, or criminal offense, severed from all legislative authority and activity.


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