Cops and Criminals

“PARSIPPANY, N.J. — A police officer who stopped at a northern New Jersey convenience store to use the bathroom instead ended up arresting a man there who allegedly was breaking up marijuana on a $100 bill.

Parsippany police tell ( that officer Michael Sprung stopped at the store just after 1 a.m. Tuesday.

When he opened the bathroom door, he saw a 19-year-old Lake Hiawatha man sitting backward and fully clothed on the toilet. The man then unsuccessfully tried to hide the marijuana behind the toilet when he saw the uniformed officer standing in the doorway.

The man is charged with drug possession.”



Once again the racist lies of Harry J. Anslinger land on someone who was doing nothing wrong, and was only caught in possession of plant material.

What this government thinks of as what is and isn’t ‘crime’, has become criminal itself.

The NSA violates the Constitution every second, the CIA tortures and falsely imprisons people, both their directors openly LIE about it under oath to Congress, and these GED Wonders run around stealing from people for having plants.

They take cash and property without warrant, they steal rights and create life-long felony records that prevent people from voting, they seize property and sell it for profit, and they ruin the lives of our fellow Americans.

All because William Randolph Hurst wanted to protect his timber rights profits.

The Pot Nazis must end their reign of terror, or be imprisoned for it.

15,000 murders ever year in Mexico over turf wars, created by our failed and unjust ‘War on Drugs’, can be laid directly at the feet of the DEA.

Gang activity and murder here in America, not blamed on this true root cause, but blamed instead on the guns themselves, and as such the push to have them banned is ever and anon advocated by the short-sighted and willfully blind.

The police are the criminals, they are the thieves, they are the liars, but they have the badges and guns.

We can no longer pretend this is justice.

We can no longer afford this brand of freedom.


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