Fukushima Operator TEPCO Calls For Foreign Help As Crisis Worsens       8-27-13


“…said it would invite foreign decommissioning experts to advise it…”

Every so-called ‘expert’ on the planet, that’s ever spoken in favor of Nuclear Power, should be forced to go to Fukashima, and made to help clean up at the site.

This is their fault, every single one of them, make them deal with it.

Make them give up their lives in the effort to fix what they’ve broken.

Don’t let them call for volunteers from among the better angels of mankind, but do it themselves.

They won the day, speaking to further this technology at hearing and commission aplenty worldwide, let them now back up their words.

Let their lives be the one’s that burn away and fill graveyards, like those who gave all at Chernobyl.

Let them be judged by the monster they’ve unleashed.

Let the very last one of them perish in the effort, before another good heart is lost.

And let their murderous & filthy toys be buried with them.

Cavemen used sticks and rocks to make fire.

It’s time to use smarter tools.


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