Grambling Football, the Canery in the Coal Mine

Disgruntled Grambling players had refused to travel to Mississippi for the game.

A LOT of schools are going to be facing the exact same problems in the next decade.

As soon as we turned Student Loans into the same kind of financial time bomb that Adjustable Rate mortgages proved to be, we sealed the fate of higher education in America.

Enrollment is going to nosedive, across the board.

Coaches will find their scholarship funds dry up, their budgets shrivel, their facilities waste away, their records suffer and their careers cut short.

Soon their contracts won’t even be honored and being fired will mean lawsuits costing everyone even more.

All because education will be the sole province of the wealthy few who don’t have to take on onerous and predatory loans, just to get an education.

The wealthy elite want it this way.

They want an uneducated populace, too dumb to know what they are being robbed of, and too worried about their next meal to demand a living wage.

They want a people unpropertied and without rights, so they can continue to reap billions in profit for themselves, while the children of their night shift workers are the ones who sweep the floors and work the day shift.

If you think it’s not possible, look at the garment factories that produce your clothes and shoes.

All those jobs that used to pay living wages here, now pay a bowl of rice a day, there.

Globalization does NOT lift the bottom to the top, it drags the top down to the bottom.


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