Help Utah Fight Back

“We can fight back.

Not by protest, but by the light switch in your homes.

“…requires about 64 megawatts of electricity—that’s about a $1 million a month energy bill…”

A simple smartphone app, to coordinate the timing.

At ‘Go’ everyone turns on their AC, toasters, lights, everything they have to draw power.

Then move to your circuit breaker box.

At ‘Stop’ everyone flips their main breaker.

Would take less than a minute between Go and Stop, no one’s utility bill would suffer.

The sudden draw of all those demands would create huge pull, and the power company starts to ramp up.

The 64 megawatt draw, suddenly has to strain to pull in enough power.

The harder it pulls, the bigger the target it becomes when the sudden Stop action creates a spike, sending it down the line to the biggest pipe it can find.


Fried servers.

The rest of us turn off all the excess switches, and then turn back on the main circuit breaker.”


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