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Domestic Terrorism

Posted in Politics As Usual on June 15, 2014 by thewholeworld


[quote]…a re-establishment of a group that was created following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and abruptly put on hold on Sept. 11, 2001…[/quote]


So, for almost six yeas they had access to all the data, and still did nothing to prevent 9/11, or even acknowledge, some form of awareness, of the impending tragedy?

More than a few of the 9/11 murderers were here, so, where was the ‘task force’ then?

Spending money, by militarizing our local police forces?

Sounds like ‘good money after bad’ to me.

Sounds like more control over people, and less control over events.


From your friends, just around the corner…

Posted in Politics As Usual on April 10, 2012 by thewholeworld

Under pressure from a progressive campaign to abandon the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), McDonald’s is insisting that it left the controversial conservative organization in March, not 2011 as previously reported.

On Tuesday, the online advocacy group Color of Change called on the fast-food chain to withdraw its membership from the group due to its support for voter ID and “Stand Your Ground” gun laws. McDonald’s has a ready answer: We already did.

“We’re trying to correct the misinformation. We were a member last year and made the business decision not to renew in 2012,” McDonald’s spokesperson Ashlee Yingling wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “Unfortunately, information found on many websites is outdated.”

However, a letter sent by McDonald’s to Color of Change, dated February 29, 2012, defends the corporation’s membership in the group.

“McDonald’s is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),” it reads. “It is important to note that while McDonald’s is a member of ALEC’s Commerce Committee, we are not a member of ALEC’s Private Enterprise Board which recently passed the “Voter ID” model legislation.”

Color of Change has led a public campaign that aims to get ALEC’s members to withdraw. The group supports controversial “policies that limit voting rights, undermine our public schools, assault collective bargaining and weaken laws protecting our environment,” said Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, a progressive group also involved in the campaign.

Coca-Cola withdrew its membership April 5. A day later Kraft Foods Inc announced it would not renew its membership to ALEC when it expires this spring.

Campaigns to persuade corporations to end support for the conservative organization had foundered until the Trayvon Martin killing. George Zimmerman, the man who shot the 17-year-old boy, has not been charged yet because of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law,” which ALEC championed. For much of corporate America, apparently, that’s a bridge too far.

ColorofChange’s press release that named McDonald’s as an ALEC member also called out State Farm and Johnson & Johnson for their memberships. State Farm and Johnson & Johnson did not respond to The Huffington Post’s requests for comment.

As of Thursday, HuffPost had confirmed that Pfizer, Bayer, American Bail Coalition, PhRMA and Reynolds American would all continue their memberships in ALEC.

An earlier version of this article erroneously reported that Color of Change had called for a boycott of Coca-Cola products. The error has been corrected.


Another reason not to buy pink slime, cheezfood, robowheat, oil-fried starches, sugar-emulsified carbolic acids, or harvested fish parts.

There’s just no winning these days, is there?

a modest proposal

Posted in Politics As Usual on April 9, 2012 by thewholeworld

A Modest Proposal-

In that the rich history of our nation’s capitol is such that it’s enshrinement as world and national landmark unquestioned, and that continued use of such would be to cause damage or harm to said, it is hereby put forth, that a new governmental structure shall be erected.

One more suitable to the purpose, and fitting to needs of the people.

A ‘prison like’ structure, in which no outside influence is allowed.

Armed guards, cameras and microphones monitor all areas and activities.

All outside contact is done strictly through publicly broadcast programing.

All elected officials will enter, live, work, and not leave for their entire terms.

All under 24/7 surveillance.

No one to speak face to face with, except their fellow legislators.

That their ‘terms of office’ shall thrice continue, if found guilty of violation of the public trust, or criminal offense, severed from all legislative authority and activity.

You’re Welcome

Posted in Politics As Usual on January 4, 2012 by thewholeworld

People are turning off their TV’s.

Folks are gettin’ pretty fed up with being lied to, on 350 different channels.

You are getting the point though.

This is entirely an FCC issue.

Their failure to protect freedom of speech has resulted in the merger of the military industrial complex and the national media.

Turning it into a 24/7/365 assault of brainwashing, and hiding the truth from the American people.

Outright lies to protect their profit, and feed the grist mill of the war machine.

The War on Terror, Drugs, Crime, Poverty, or any other negative genre?

The flag waves, except when it interferes with profit.

Had you not noticed?

Then corporations are from ‘over there’, not subject to our tax codes.

The Federal Communications Commission, has failed miserably.

Acting like the Federal ‘Free Airwaves Television Broadcast Only’ conduit of rational/regulation deconstruct, it’s allowed the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate, and the General Electric megalith to inculcate their brand of truth.

Lies and the spreading of fear for three generations, to the children of America.

Television has become babysitter and first teacher to almost all of this nation’s youth, for how many decades now?

And look what the FCC has allowed, even encouraged it to become.

A set of blinders for them, to all other forms of broadcast, and a red hot poker, burning out the eyes, and minds, of a nation.

License to broadcast costs what, compared to the power and profit they reap?

And, who actually owns the airwaves?

This is ‘all’ an FCC issue, for which those responsible and still living, need to be held accountable for their crimes.

By the very government that they created, through the decades of lies for profit, lies for war, and telling us who we can vote for, to tell us those lies?

Almost as difficult believing it, as saying it?

We have come to the juncture where the perversion of government is complete.

To it’s utter inability to function, even in the face of catastrophic consequence for multitudes of people.

The shouting match is now world wide, and war is profit.

Thank you, FCC.

SOPA Delayed

Posted in Politics As Usual on December 16, 2011 by thewholeworld
Oh, joy.
We succeeded in raising enough stink,
to embarrass the backers of the bill,
who will now wait until the dead of night,
when angst over some other crisis,
has what little attention is left to the few,
who’s heart will not let them give up,
and shove it down our throats anyway.
We need to remove all of these people,
from any shred of power or authority, permanently.

Liberty will not survive their brand of freedom.

If corporatio­ns are people, I say let them die now.
And let their ‘money only’ government die with them.
No man is more important that Liberty.
Let those who would slay her to save him, perish in their cowardice.
Open your eyes and look around you.
Is there a man among you that has not seen his school and library close,
while prisons spring up like weeds.
This is not our government­.
Ours has been poisoned.
Fire them all.
Find an unemployed teacher or engineer to support.
Someone who’s never been in politics before.
Someone who isn’t a lawyer.

Self Explanitory

Posted in Politics As Usual, Who Cares on August 29, 2011 by thewholeworld

August 29, 2011 10:04 AM EST | AP

NEW YORK — Bank of America Corp. is selling half of its stake in China Construction Bank Corp., aiming to shore up its capital base.

The nation’s largest bank by assets is selling roughly 13.1 billion shares in the Chinese bank for $8.3 billion to a group of investors it did not name. The sale should generate an after-tax gain of $3.3 billion, and should close by the end of next month.

The Charlotte, N.C. bank will still own about 5 percent of China Construction Bank after the sale. It currently owns about 10 percent.

The sale is the bank’s latest move to increase its capital base to comply with new regulations. Finance Chief Bruce Thompson says the bank has raised about $5.8 billion in August.
Interesting that HuffPo sees ‘no need to allow comment’ on this ‘tidbit’

BoA just got 5blarge from Berkshire Hathaway, and yet they feel the need to ‘shore up’ assets?

Who said what?

Posted in Politics As Usual on August 29, 2011 by thewholeworld

Do us a favor.

I know the media feeds on the hubbub in the milieu, but how much of this ‘campaigning’ can we afford to put up with?

Buses loaded with anyone chatty, followed by gaggles of reporters, crisscrossing the nation, depositing their ‘wise words’ of hate for current officials, and pie in the sky for their version of America, is driving the rest of the country insane.

The folks in the media are pushing hard for wall to wall 24/7/365 campaigning, with no end, since it ‘sells papers’.

But people who are subject to the whim and whine of these electards, are sick of it.

The tone becomes ever more shrill just to attract attention, and our ears and sensibilities are pelted with castigations of everything under the sun.

Please, from here on out, anyone who starts a parade before January 1st of the election year, is just ‘tooting his (or her) own horn’.

Anyone who starts before say, March of the election year, is ‘making noise’, and so on.

The summer season before an election is more than enough time to say what you need to.

Referring to anyone who is out there jumping around a year and a half before an election ‘a candidate’ is both premature, and disingenuous.

Allowing them the prominence of national media exposure under the guise of ‘campaigning’ only encourages them.

Media loves it, these amoral political gadfly’s love it, but the nation despises it.

You call yourself ‘writers’, call it anything you wish.

The earlier it starts, the more derisive a term you should find for it, because that’s what it is.

Just don’t call it ‘campaigning’ or them ‘candidates’.

It is simply not that dignified.

Clowndidate is far more accurate.